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The ITC Structure

The center is headed by a director who directly reports to the Vice-President for Research and Extension (VPRE). The proposed organizational structure is as follows:

The Software Section includes committees on:

  1. Software Development
  2. Dataset and Database Management System*
  3. Documentation and Testing*

The Hardware and Infrastructure Section includes committees on:

  1. Infrastructure and Maintenance
  2. Network and Connectivity*

The Technical Support and Training Section includes committees on:

  1. Content and Information Research*
  2. Training and Short Term Courses
  3. Multimedia Design and Development*

Other committees formed to assist in managing the IT activities, programs and initiatives of the university are:

  1. IT Steering Committee
  2. College Deans and Evaluation and Validation Committee

Committees are organized to strengthen information technology activities and programs and thereby unifying all units and colleges whose manpower can be involved is such activities and projects. These committees are categorized according to the three sections of the center.

Note: * - Additions to the existing system and are tapped from other units in DCS.